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12 Awesome Ideas for 2015

12 Awesome Ideas for 2015

1. Exercise – Write out exactly when and what you will do. Join an online group that will keep you accountable! Jot down 10 reasons why you think this is important. When you feel like giving up look at this list.

2. Do Chores – Tired of that laundry piling up! Make it your goal to do at least one load every day, then it won’t pile up. Write down a block of time that works best every day. Spend one to two hours in the evening keeping up with chores.

3. Save Money – Make a budget and try your best to stick to it. Spend a couple hours in the morning writing out all of your bills for the next 4 months. Every time you pay a bill choose a fun color to highlight it with! It’s gratifying to accomplish your financial goals a little at a time.

4. Be Spiritual – Buy a book of your choice, and read one paragraph/chapter a day or night. Join a church and sign up for a specific activity!

5. Spend Family Time – Make it a goal to talk to a family member once a week. Put away your smart phone an hour or two. Once a week think of a creative idea like bowling, movie, or game night.

6. Buy Local – Instead of shopping at big chain stores have fun exploring a family owned business or a local coffee shop. It’s a small yet gratifying way to make a positive difference. It’s the little things in life that bring us joy!

7. Eat Better – Simplify your life by substituting sugary drinks with plenty of water. Stay away from fast food, and processed foods with added dyes and preservatives. You will feel and look so much better!

8. Breathe Fresh Air – Start taking advantage of the nice weather by taking more walks, hikes, and outdoor activities. Even in the snowy months try something new like ice skating, sledding, snow shoeing, or skiing. Shoveling snow is also great cardio!

9. Launch Your Career – Start by thinking about what it is you want to achieve or be. Then break down how you will achieve this by making smaller ways that from a step-by-step of exactly how you will accomplish this.

10. Stop Smoking – Make a list of the times that you like to smoke. Resist the urge by taking slow deep breathes when you would normally smoke. Try some ginseng tea, exercise, or have a laugh instead. You will save your health, money, and feel better.

11. Adopt a New Hobby – Pick something you’re passionate about and make a hobby out of it. For example, if you love music learn to play the guitar. If you are artistic, photography is great. Sharing these hobbies with family and friends is also a great way to bring everyone together.

12. Sleep More – We all know how important our beauty rest is. It can wreak havoc on your mind and body if you don’t make it a priority. Although we all have so much we want to get done, getting a good night’s sleep helps with our tasks. Creativity improves as well as decision making!

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