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5 Essential Steps to Building a Brand: Part Two

             Who are you?              Who needs to know?              Why should they care?              How will they find out?                                   -Alina Wheeler, Designing Brand Identity   Recent Project Recently I created a new logo for our local museum! Designing is my passion.  Getting the opportunity to work on this project was an amazing opportunity! Logos are SIMPLE right?! Yes, ...

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5 Essential Steps For Building A Brand [infographic]

5 Essential Steps to Building a Brand From: Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler 1. Research: The first priority is to ask the right questions. • Who are your target markets? • What are your challenges for the future? • What is the company’s mission statement? • What is your culture as a company? • What type of competitive advantage do you have? 2. Strategy: Clarifying a strategy is taking everything y ...

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