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3 Advantages of a Pop-Up Trade Show Display


Pop-up displays are incredibly popular with trade show exhibitors, and for good reason.  They offer a number of advantages for exhibitors that make them appealing and ideal for a first time trade show exhibitor or a seasoned exhibitor. There are many different sizes and styles to accommodate any trade show booth size and business needs.  There are tabletop pop-up displays that make a great addition to a trade show booth and there are also free-standing pop-up displays that can serve as the entire display!  And, just because they are quick and easy to set up, that does not mean they are boring.  Pop-up displays can have full color graphics, backlit displays, shelving, LCD monitors and more.  All of these accessories and special features help attract a customer’s attention so that they are drawn in and want to learn more about your business and/or products and services.  Additionally, pop-up displays offer a lot of marketing flexibility because new graphics can be ordered and placed on your pop-up display as needed.  Should your marketing and graphics ever change, simply order new graphics and continue to use the pop-up frame! Below are 3 advantages of pop-up displays for the trade show exhibitor.


3 Advantages of a Pop-Up Trade Show Display

  1. Lightweight, Easy Travel
    • Pop-up displays are incredibly lightweight. They are made from a durable aluminum that is easy to transport and they come with a carrying case for protection during travel. Because they are well-protected and so lightweight, they are an ideal display for travel.
  2. Easy Setup
    • There is a trade show display for every business and its unique needs, some are as basic as a small backdrop and others are large, elaborate branded environments. Some take minutes to set up and others take hours and even days!  A pop-up display assembles with incredible ease – it simply “pops up.”  They come out of their carrying case and are assembled in literally minutes.
  3. Cost-Effective
    • Pop-up displays are very effective and stylish displays but they are also cost-effective. There are a wide range of costs for trade show displays, some that are only a few hundred dollars and some that are tens of thousands of dollars.  If you are looking for a cost-effective yet stylish display, pop-up displays are what you need!  Most range between $500 – $2,000 but there are some priced as low as $150!

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