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3 Large-Scale Trade Show Displays


When it comes to trade show displays, there are options for every budget, marketing style, and business type.  For those that are just beginning to experiment with trade shows, it may be better to start out with a smaller display until you know what your exact needs are.  But, for those that want a trade show display that will not just wow customers but immerse them in your brand experience and help them forget they are even at a trade show, a large-scale trade show display is a valuable investment.

Large-scale trade shows displays have a multitude of features and elements that set them apart from the rest.  Within the category of large-scale displays, there are many different types for a variety of budgets and needs.  Below are three large-scale trade show displays that showcase the versatility and effectiveness that comes with investing in a dynamic trade show display.

  1. Linear Displays
    • The Linear Display comes in a variety of sizes and styles including the Linear Standard, Linear Pro, and Linear Bold. Linear display kits are stylish and modern in their appearance.  They are durably constructed of high-end materials that are lightweight and assemble easily to effectively display your brand marketing.  The graphics attach to the frame and the kit comes with UV printed or frosted plex headers and wings, a pillowcase fabric canopy, graphic displays, the option to add LCD monitors, tables, counters, literature pockets and more!  In the realm of large-scale displays, the Linear displays are relatively economically priced.
  2. Vegas 20 x 20 Island Truss Display
    • The Vega Orbital Truss system is a unique, modern display that requires no tools for set up. Because it does not require tools to assemble, installation is exceptionally easy, all you have to do is twist and lock the components into place.  Additionally, it is an incredibly versatile display that can be configured in a variety of ways to create unique setups as needed.
  3. Panoramic Kit
    • The Panoramic Kit trade show display is a carefully designed display that comes from the mind of seasoned exhibit space designers. It is uniquely crafted to expertly display your graphics and artwork but can also be customized as needed.  Further, the Panoramic Kit is able to be outfitted with large monitors for multimedia presentations and will create the immersive branded environment that will truly set you apart from competitors at trade shows.

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