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3 Must-Have Accessories for Your Modern Trade Show Display


A successful trade show display is multi-layered, visually interesting, and dynamically presented.  There are many types of trade show displays to suit any type of business and budget.  Though there are many simple display options and you can always just present a banner display as a backdrop, accessories are often what help your trade show display stand out and make a big impact on customers.  When you attend a trade show, you will be surrounded by other industry professionals and competitors so it is important to help your business standout from the crowd.  A stand-out display can be achieved with creative accessories and unique displays that showcase high-impact graphics and exciting technology.  Below are 5 must-have accessories for the modern trade-show display.

  1. iPad or Tablet Kiosk
    • An iPad or tablet kiosk is a great investment because it is portable and versatile. You can place it anywhere within your trade show display or use it in a lobby or storefront when not at a trade show.  In today’s modern marketplace, customers want to see business that utilize technology, regardless of the industry.  Your display will protect your iPad or tablet from damage or theft but will allow your customers to interact with your business or product in a unique way.  Whether it is used to gather customer contact information, showcase products, or display a media presentation, an iPad or tablet kiosks will help your brand stand out.  It also provides the added bonus that if you are busy with a customer, another customer can still learn about your business in a positive way while waiting to talk to you, rather than simply walking away.
  2. Monitor Display
    • Media presentations are incredibly important in today’s marketing world. People love to see informational videos and media presentations because it allows them to experience your brand on a different level.  Media presentations leave a lasting impact on clients.  A monitor display can be attached to the trade show display structure or be free-standing depending on your specific needs.
  3. Flooring
    • When you think of interesting trade show accessories, flooring may not be the first thing that comes to mind but it is an important accessory. Trade show display flooring can be custom branded with your logo or can be color-coordinated to your display to create the kind of immersive branded environment that you want your clients to step into when they visit your trade show display.

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