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3 Reasons to Invest in an Outdoor Banner Stand


Many customers who are interested in purchasing banner stands may not realize the wide variety of options that are available.  Not only is there a vast selection of displays in every style, size and price-point but there are also displays that are ideally suited for either indoor or outdoor use.  Whether you attend events that are both indoor and outdoor or you primarily attend or host outdoor events and exhibits you may be interested in investing in a durable outdoor banner stand for your marketing needs.  Though some indoor banner stands could be used outdoors, it is not ideal.  Below we provide 3 reasons you should invest in outdoor banner stands for any of your outdoor marketing needs.

  1. Sturdier Than Non-Outdoor Banner Stands
    • Indoor banner stands are durable and sturdy but they are designed for indoor use. While they will stand the test of time with indoor use, outdoor banner stands should be used if you intend to primarily display graphics outside.  Outdoor banner stands are designed with outdoor elements in mind.  Their materials are more durable and have additional features built in to help better display graphics outside such as weighted bases and the ability to move with the wind (so that they do not fall over).
  2. Long Lasting Investment
    • While an indoor banner stand could theoretically be used outside it is not designed to stand up to outdoor elements over time. Just like indoor banner stands, there are a wide variety of very economically-priced outdoor banner stands so there is no reason not to invest in a high-quality outdoor display. Outdoor banner stands are designed with outdoor elements in mind so when you make the investment you will have the peace of mind that you know your investment will last a long time and look good doing so.
  3. Market to More Customers
    • If you are debating whether or not you need outdoor banner stands the answer is simple – yes. By placing additional graphics outside you have the ability to market to additional customers who may not have otherwise seen your marketing graphics. There are many affordable outdoor banner stands (some priced as low as $188).  Catch passersby moving in any direction with double-sided outdoor banner stands.  And lastly, if you want to add convenience and direction to your event, invest in outdoor banner stands to help direct traffic and convey important messages to event attendees.


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