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3 Ways to Add Excitement to Your Trade Show Booth


Trade show displays should be customized so that you can give your branding impact.  When you invest in a trade show display, you don’t just want to do the same old thing that everyone else is doing.  And, if you attend multiple trade shows or exhibits, you don’t necessarily always want to show up with the same display over and over again.  You can work with your basic display structure and continue to add unique excitement that will help you stand apart from the crowd.

3 Ways to Add Excitement to Your Trade Show Booth

  1. Create an Immersive Environment
    • We do not just mean adding a table, backdrop and banner. An immersive environment is one in which the customer enters and forgets about everything else happening around them.  They are completely immersed in the controlled environment that you want them to experience.  Add additional banner stands to block out the rest of the trade show and allow the customer to get lost in your brand’s world.  Brand everything!  Consider adding something fun and interactive to do once they have entered your booth that will make them want to stay longer and learn more.
  2. Cool Lighting
    • Sure, the trade show has lighting in the venue but if you want to add some dramatic impact to your display, lighting is a must. Trade show lighting is mediocre, at best.  Add specific, directed light that perfectly illuminates what you want the customer to see.  Additionally, lighting such as a spotlight or attachable display lighting will add dimension and visual interest to your display that will make it more attractive.  At Best Displays Online, we carry a selection of lights to coordinate seamlessly with any display and make the overall appearance more exciting.
  3. Media Displays
    • In today’s trade show era, having media as part of your display is mandatory. Regardless of your industry, business or product, there is a way to incorporate media that shows you are technology-forward.  Attach monitors to your display and showcase videos, graphics, or other presentations.  Incorporate iPad or tablet kiosks and allow those visiting your booth to have an interactive experience with your brand.  With Best Displays Online, choose from tabletop tablet stands, freestanding tablet stands, swivel iPad clamshells that attach to your display structure, iPad countertop inserts, monitor attachments, monitor towers and monitor structures to add media to your display.

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