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3 Other Ways to Use Your Trade Show Display


A good trade show display can feel like a big investment.  Though the up-front cost may feel large at times, the return on your investment when you choose a quality trade show display will be significant.  Trade show displays are very versatile and their value can be maximized by using them for things other than trade shows.  There is no reason that your trade show displays have to sit in storage when it is not trade show season.  You can utilize single components of your trade show, or the entire trade show display for many things other than trade shows. Below are three unique ways to use your trade show displays and get the most out of your investment.

  1. Business Display
    • Does your business have a storefront in which you sell products, or an office in which you host customers and clients? If so, you can use your graphic trade show displays to create visual interest within your business.  Place them as a backdrop to a display, utilize them to direct traffic to certain products, or use them as a point of purchase display.  You can repurpose your entire trade show display within your storefront or office, truly maximizing your investment.
  2. Speaking Engagements or Presentations
    • If you travel for speaking engagements or presentations about your business, whether to potential clients or to regional meetings within your company, portable trade show displays make a great addition. They help give your presentation a more professional and polished appearance.  Retractable banner stands and tabletop displays are ideally suited to this type of use because they are lightweight and quick and easy to set up.
  3. Pop-Up Storefront
    • A pop-up storefront can be an incredibly effective way to introduce new customers to your business or generate interest in a new product. But, nobody wants to visit a “pop-up storefront” that is just a table with some products or marketing materials on it.  The most successful pop-up storefronts create an immersive environment in which the customer feels like they have really stepped into one of your stores.  A trade show display is a great way to help define the space and immerse the customer in your branding experience.  And, because they are designed for travel to trade shows, they are so lightweight and portable, making them easy to take with you and quick to set up.  Use a few pieces from your trade show display or your entire trade show display for the ultimate pop-up storefront experience.

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