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4 Must-Have Media Stations for Your Next Trade Show Display


We live in a technology-driven world and trade shows, events and exhibits are no exception.  Just walk around any trade show today and you will see a wide-range use of technology to promote products, draw in customers, and reinforce branding.  The possibilities with technology are endless.  You can use things like iPads or tablets to collect customer information, allow the customer to interact independently with your brand, show off a presentation of a new product, or a myriad of other things!  No matter what industry you are in, technology and the use of media are important ways to show customers that your brand is a part of the 21st century and to enhance the overall customer experience. With Best Displays Online, it is easy to incorporate technology into your display with the use of one or more of our media stations.  Below are 4 must-have media stations to use in your next trade show display.

  1. Jotter iPad Tablet Stand
    • There are multiple different Jotter iPad Tablet Stand styles and sizes. From tabletop to freestanding, the Jotter stand will securely and safely hold your iPad or tablet at an ideal height for your customers to use.  Many have a pivotal head for ultimate display flexibility.  And, it is completely safe and secure because it locks into the stand and can only be removed with a key to unlock the display.
  2. iPad Clamshell
    • Available in a variety of styles to easily affix to a number of displays available at Best Displays Online, the iPad clamshell is a great way to integrate technology into your display.  The iPad Clamshell seamlessly integrates into your display because it attaches to the actual structure of the display.  Additionally, many styles are available with the option for the user to rotate the display between portrait and landscape viewing position.  Further, your iPad or tablet will be completely secure because the case locks and can only be accessed with a key.
  3. iPad Countertop Insert
    • The iPad Countertop Insert is a sleek and seamless way to incorporate media into your display. The iPad or tablet is held inside the countertop securely and just looks stylish.  As an added bonus, it is space saving because it is right inside the countertop and that same countertop can also be used for conducting business.
  4. XPressions Monster Monitor Tower
    • The XPressions Monster Monitor Tower can hold a monitor that is up to 55’’ in size. Wow customers with a dynamic and interesting media display where you can show off your brand and showcase new products.  It is quick and easy to assemble and will have you displaying interesting media in no time!

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