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5 Essential Steps For Building A Brand [infographic]


5 Essential Steps to Building a Brand

From: Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler

1. Research: The first priority is to ask the right questions.

• Who are your target markets?

• What are your challenges for the future?

• What is the company’s mission statement?

• What is your culture as a company?

• What type of competitive advantage do you have?

2. Strategy: Clarifying a strategy is taking everything you learned from your research and pulling it all

together to create a big idea!

• Clarify Strategy: Are you a brand new company or are you refreshing your current brand?

• Narrow the focus: Creating a Brand Brief can achieve this well.

• Perception: How do you want others to perceive you?

• Naming: Name your business or organization if completely new.

• Openness: True collaboration happens when both the client and consultant are open, have

mutual trust and respect!

3. Identity: The design brief, or direction is agreed upon by everyone. Designing identity is where form

meets function. This is where all of the best designer skills come into play such as intuition, imagination,

experience, and creativity.

• Experiment: A designer may explore hundreds of ideas

• Color: What does your color choice convey as a company?

• Typography: Type conveys personality, culture, and sustainability.

• Trial Applications: Test mock ups on T-Shirts, Mugs etc.

• Presentation: be prepared, keep things moving, have a plan

4. Touch Points: The Logo and Concepts have been approved! Now it’s time to make any last minute

tweaks or refinements necessary. Your vision becomes a tangible reality In-hands dates for business

cards, logo files, etc. are needed.

• Fine Tuning: Company organizes the final list of design applications.

• Trademark Process: Lawyers etc. make sure that there are no conflicts

• Stationary: Letter Head, Business Cards, Envelopes

• Signage: Outdoor & Indoor Signs

• Website: Interactive experience explaining who company is.

5. Managing Assets: “Brand is a living thing. It must be nurtured, attended to,and disciplined in order

to survive and grow.”- Bart Crosby of Crosby Associates

• Launch brand identity

• Identify specific design team to handle the brand

• Develop a system of checks and balances

• Build a printed brand/spirit book that tells your brand’s story.

• Create standards and guidelines for appropriate brand use.

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