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5 Outdoor Products You Need for Your Trade Show or Exhibit


Many indoor trade show and exhibit displays are versatile enough to be used outside but they may not be durable enough.  At Best Displays Online, we carry a wide selection of outdoor-specific display items to ensure that if you are attending an outdoor trade show, exhibit or event, you can invest in durable and dynamic graphic displays that will properly market your brand the way you want.  Below are 5 outdoor products that you need for your next trade show or exhibit.

  1. Large Format “A Frame” Banner Stand
    • Large format graphics beautifully display your marketing material and graphic branding. These displays have lightweight yet durable aluminum frames with easy-to-attach eyelet graphics that attach quickly.  They can be used indoors or outdoors, making them very versatile, and because they are lightweight they are easy to move around outside to wherever you need them for an event.
  2. Flag Display
    • Flag displays are inexpensive yet highly effective graphic displays. Catch the eye of passersby, direct traffic, draw people in to your display and more with flag displays.  These displays are also very versatile because they can be used both indoors and outdoors.  Further enhance your flag display with optional double sided graphics.  They have heavy weighted bases to ensure they stay in place even in high winds.
  3. Outdoor Tent
    • When you are exhibiting at an outdoor event or trade show the best way to create the branded environment you and your customers want is with an outdoor event tent. Outdoor tents are highly durable, will shield you are your customers from the elements such as sun, wind, and rain, and because they are customized with your graphics such as logo they are an extension of your marketing materials.
  4. Pole Banner
    • A pole banner is a great option for any business, large or small, because these inexpensive banners attach easily to any existing pole. Pole banners have both stability and looks, with a discreet structure that perfectly displays your marketing graphics.  Pole banners are available as single-sided or double-sided displays.
  5. Sidewalk Stand
    • Sidewalk stands can be used indoors or outdoors and they are lightweight and easy to move around, yet durable and sturdy enough that they can withstand the elements. Many sidewalk stands easily assemble without any tools and are durably designed to withstand even strong gusts of wind. Beautifully display your graphics and easily change out graphics as needed with sidewalk stands.

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