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Advantages of Scalable Trade Show Displays


When it comes to trade show displays, just as it is in business, it is all about scalability.  Any business wants to set up their structure and operations in a way that makes growth and scaling easy.  The same is true of trade show displays.  Why invest in a bunch of expensive trade show pieces that cannot scale and will quickly become obsolete should you decide to expand your trade show presence?  At Best Displays Online, we know that our customers want options and easy ways to expand or adapt their exhibit displays.

Investing in a modular display is a great way to give yourself the gift of flexibility and the ability to scale your display as needed.  Whether you want a simple, streamlined display, or you want to add all the bells and whistles, you have the ability to do so.  For example, a modular display such as the Hero 20 foot display is a portable folding panel kit that can be configured in a variety of ways depending on your needs.  One kit offers a variety of options and is lightweight and easy to travel with.  For those interested in similar features in a smaller package, there is also a Hero 10 foot display.  The way both display work is that they lock together seamlessly and conceal hinges to elegantly display your graphics and branding.  You can choose from a variety of fabric colors and those custom printed fabric panels will completely cover both sides of your display.

The display alone will be a stylish and intriguing display but you can then scale the display up by adding other features that coordinate perfectly with the primary structure.  Add counters and kiosks that have also been printed with your graphics.  Add iPad or tablet stands so that you can add a multimedia component to your display.  Attach monitor mounts or literature racks and add dimension and excitement to your display.  With each addition, you create a more immersive, branded environment for your potential customers to enjoy.  The beauty of a scalable trade show display is that it is great on its own and for when you want to invest less or spend less time on set up, the display alone is all you need.  But, when you want to scale your display to meet the needs of your business, the capability is there.  You do not need to buy a whole new display, simply change the configuration and add accessories to create the ultimate trade show display.

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