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How to Attract Millennials to Your Trade Show Display


Trade shows have been a staple of various industries for many decades.  They are a place to meet other industry professionals, make important connections, generate business leads and establish your brand.  But, while those old school marketing methods have proven themselves as effective, attracting and maintaining the attention of millennials is a whole other ballgame.  A great banner stand is certainly going to catch your eye but will that be what pulls a millennial into your exhibit and keeps them interested long enough to learn about your business or product?  Probably not.  Fortunately, trade show displays and their accessories are adapting to meet the needs of businesses so that they can better reach millennials.

Millennials have been raised on media and instant gratification.  If they want to know something or learn about something, they simply look it up on their phones and have their answer in a moment.  For millennials, image is everything.  This means that they are far more likely to want to enter an interesting, branded environment than a boring display with some pamphlets.  If you are trying to attract millennials, it is important to design your display around what will draw them in.  Create an immersive environment, one in which they will enter and feel like they have left the trade show floor and entered your business’ world.  Millennials have grown up with technology so it is important to showcase your technology, even if your business’ focus is not technology-based.  Utilize iPad and tablet stands as well as monitor to showcase digital marketing, product tutorials, informational videos and other technology that will enhance their overall experience.  Have a selfie station with a cool, branded backdrop and encourage visitors to snap a picture and post it on their social media with a hashtag that you have created just for the event.  The more custom branding you showcase, the more memorable your business will be.

Additionally, you can utilize tables and kiosks with tablet displays built in.  This provides a workplace and countertop as well as showcases new technology.  Don’t just let the tablet sit there, encourage visitors to engage with it, learn about your brand and input their email address to learn more about who you are.  Millennials expect companies to participate in a communicative relationship with them so take advantage of this and engage them from the beginning.  It is important to take what works and breathe new life into it so that millennials are interested in interacting with your brand.  Trade shows are often the place where new things are introduced for the industry so take advantage of that energy and try something new and exciting in your display for your next exhibit!

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