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Briefcase Displays – The Best Travel Display


Attending a trade show or event can be a valuable experience and a great opportunity to make important business connections while marketing your brand to customers.  Trade show displays come in a vast array of styles, sizes and price points.  Many large displays have to be shipped to the trade show or exhibit destination because of their size and weight.  Other trade show displays that can be traveled with break down compactly but may still be bulky or difficult to maneuver.  And, once you have arrived, many of these displays are time consuming and confusing to set up.  This does not take away their value, large or complex trade show displays can be a wise investment and significant marketing tool.  But, not everyone wants to lug a bulky display with them while traveling or wants to spend hours painstakingly setting up the display once they have arrived.  Fortunately, briefcase displays are the ideal display to use when traveling.

Briefcase displays are exceptionally lightweight, typically weighing between 5 – 10 pounds.  When you want to take your branding and message with you wherever you go, a briefcase display makes it easy to do so.  In addition to being lightweight, briefcase displays are great for travel because the exterior case is incredibly durable.  Many have an exterior made of ABS thermo-formed plastic which is very strong and durable, capable of protecting the contents inside.  The interior panels are covered in Velcro®-compatible tempo fabric which graphics attach to easily and can remain attached to even when the display is closed and in transport.  It closes up and comes complete with a carry bag to give the exterior added protection and allow for easy carrying.  Briefcase displays are even designed to meet airline size restrictions, ensuring you can take it with you wherever you go.

Once you have arrived at your destination, you will not have to worry about hours of set up – instead, the briefcase display sets up in minutes.  As mentioned, the graphics can even stay attached during transport so once you arrive you simply open your display, set it on the table, and begin preparing to show to your customers.  Additionally, briefcase displays are economically priced and a great investment because, should your graphics change, simply order new graphics and continue to use the same briefcase display structure.  While a briefcase display may not be as big as other displays, it packs a big punch in a small package.  Further, briefcase displays can be expanded in size by adding a header.  This not only makes your display larger but adds visual interest to your display.  When you need to travel for trade shows and events, don’t make the back-breaking mistake of lugging an enormous display with you, take a lightweight briefcase display with you and travel easy while maximizing your marketing potential.

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