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Briefcase Displays Come In Various Sizes for Versatility

cases_full_sizes_nowordsBriefcase displays offer customers versatility, ease and effectiveness when displaying their brand’s marketing material at trade shows, events or in retail settings.  Because they fold up into a briefcase they are incredibly easy to pack up and transport – they even meet airline regulations so you can travel as far as you need to spread your brand’s message.  They are lightweight and quickly assemble to maximize your marketing potential.  And, once you invest in a briefcase display, even if your brand’s marketing message changes, you can still use the same frame and change our the graphics easily!  This affordable display option has become so popular because it really gets the job done.  Whether you are a trade show pro or a first-timer, set up is easy, even if you are just a one man team.  Anyone that has ever attended a trade show knows how invaluable this is because other displays may be difficult to set up with only one person but briefcase displays solve the problem and make transport and setup incredibly easy.  Graphics are dynamically displayed for the event and then the briefcase display can be collapsed, with graphics still in place, in a matter of seconds.  Just another feature that makes set up and breakdown quick and simple so that you can focus on what is important – making business connections and networking.

And, don’t forget that while briefcase displays are easy to travel with, they also make great displays in lobbies, retail stores and offices – there are just so many uses for briefcase displays.  While briefcase displays may sound small, they expand to an ideal size for marketing.  Further, there are a variety of sizes and styles to meet any customer’s needs.  Below we discuss the various sizes and options available so that you can find the right marketing tool to maximize your ability to share your brand’s message.  Choose from these different briefcase display sizes and weights to best accommodate your needs, so that you can make the most out of your next trade show or event.

  • ShowStyle Pro 32
    • 64” x 32” fabric covered display
  • ShowStyle Briefcase Display
    • 48” x 24” tabletop display, 10lbs
  • X18 Ultralight Briefcase Display
    • 18 x 48’’ tabletop display, 5lbs
  • X24 Ultralight Briefcase Display
    • 24”H x 48”W, 6.5lbs
  • X32 Ultralight Briefcase Display
    • 32”H x 48”W, 8.25lbs
  • XP Ultralight Briefcase Display
    • 32”H x 48”W, 8.25lbs
  • XX Ultralight Briefcase Display
    • 32”H x 64”W, 10lbs

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