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A Closer Look at Hybrid Trade Show Displays


If you are investing in a new trade show display for your business, you probably want one that is eye-catching, cool, and effective at showcasing your marketing material and graphics.  Nobody wants a dated display that looks like it was used at the world’s first trade show.  Hybrid displays are very popular because they have a trendy and exciting design.  And, while that sounds very cool and exciting, it does not really provide much explanation for what a hybrid trade show display really is.

A hybrid display is so popular because it provides the best features of a variety of different trade show displays, while minimizing their drawbacks.  Like many other trade show displays, their main components are an aluminum extrusion frame and custom-printed tension fabric.  Because they are made of such lightweight materials, they are very easy to transport and travel with.  And tension fabric is appealing because it looks great, can be easily custom-printed, and can be interchanged with other tension fabric as needed.

Traditionally, if you wanted a truly custom display, it was not lightweight or easy to travel with.  Rather, it was probably made from heavy wood and took an incredibly long time to assemble.  And, while these types of displays can look incredible and be completely designed to your unique dimensions and requests, they were expensive and not super practical.  But, many businesses did not necessarily want the alternative – a generic portable display that looked like everyone else’s.  Businesses want to stand out and now more than ever custom branding is critical to a comprehensive marketing strategy.  That is where hybrid displays come in.  While the structure and general concept of hybrid displays is similar to portable displays, an aluminum frame and tension fabric that is where the similarities end.  Hybrid displays can be completely customized.  Any shape or size, any special features – you can have it with a hybrid display.  When it comes to price, because hybrid displays are so customizable, the range is vast.  Some are very affordable but you can make your hybrid display as simple or elaborate as you want.  But, hybrid displays are generally quite a bit less expensive than traditional custom trade show displays but offer a lot of features that make them very appealing to exhibitors.  If you are interested in a custom hybrid trade show display, at Best Displays Online, we have a wide selection of options to suit your unique needs.

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