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Creating a Pop-Up Branded Environment


We talk often about the importance of creating a branded environment at trade shows.  By doing so, it allows the customer to immerse themselves in a controlled world and experience your brand exactly the way you want them to.  It allows them to appreciate who your brand is, what your products are, the customer service of your brand, and any other perks you might be offering.  While this is incredibly important at a trade show where you need to drown out the “noise” of competitors around you and make an impact, it is also important in other scenarios.  With the right trade show displays, you can create a branded environment wherever you are!

If another business or organization allows you to create a branded environment within a space such as a lobby, conference room, storefront or other location, it is important that you stand out.  A table with some information about your brand is not going to have a big impact on passersby.  Rather than missing a big opportunity, invest in some trade show display essentials, such as banner stands, that can help you create the ideal pop-up branded environment.  With one or a few banner stands, a product display or table, perhaps a chair, and some other carefully chosen décor, you can easily create a branded environment in any space.  Even if you are only granted a tiny corner, one banner stand and a tablet stand can set you apart and draw people into your display.  If you are granted more space to use, add additional banner stands, kiosks, countertops or more.  At Best Displays Online, we carry a huge selection of trade show displays that are lightweight, compact, easy to travel with and set up in minutes so creating the exact environment you want is easy!  When your displays have been custom-printed with your marketing graphics, you help create brand recognition.  Pop up stores are all the rage right now, they are the latest thing in marketing.  They create buzz and excitement and are a great way to introduce clients to your brand for the first time, or to launch a new product. Forbes explains why pop-up shops and branded environments really work, “With this in mind, it’s no surprise that pop ups are becoming increasingly popular – no pun intended.There are a number of benefits for a retailer or  brand to do a pop-up. Among the top benefits, outside of sales, can include brand awareness with press, media, influencers and customers, customer education – such as allowing you to give customers a more in-depth education of your value proposition and product offerings – and experiencing a brick and mortar environment,” shares Melissa Gonzalez, CEO of The Lionesque Group and  author of the recently released book, “The Pop-Up Paradigm”.Gonzalez’s company, The Lionesque Group, routinely does research on the values of pop-up shops and has identified over the last couple of years that the average pop-up that they work with sees a 35% increase in sales from doors open to 6 months after doors close. Additionally, 50% off these pop-ups see an average increase of 30% on social media engagement over the lifespan of their pop-up shop.”  Create the branded environment that you want for a successful marketing effort using trade show displays from Best Displays Online.

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