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Don’t Make These Three Trade Show Display Mistakes


Whether you have attended multiple trade shows or are planning to exhibit for the first time, it can be challenging to determine exactly what you need to have a successful display.  You may only have the attention of a customer for a moment so you want to make a big impression.  Do not waste your time or money exhibiting at a trade show with a poor display.  Rather, avoid these 3 common trade show display mistakes and invest in quality trade show displays from Best Displays Online so that you can have a successful display!

  • Too Small or Inadequate Display
    • When exhibiting at a trade show or event, the last thing you want is to have a display that is too small or inadequate. The whole point of being there is to grab the attention to potential customers.  If you are in a sea of competitors with eye-grabbing displays and your display is too small or simply not intriguing enough you may miss big opportunities.  Be sure that you have large, dynamic presence with things like retractable banner stands, tabletop retractable banner stands, banner flags, table throws, etc.
  • No Surface On Which to Conduct Business
    • It can be easy to get caught up in creating a fascinating display and forget that you need a place to actually conduct business while at a trade show. The whole point is to generate leads, introduce clients to products, display brochures or other marketing materials and ultimately, grow your customer-base.  While potential customers are visiting your display you may want a place to write down contact information, fill our purchase orders, and demonstrate products or more so it is important to have a table on which to conduct business.  Also, do not miss an opportunity to market your brand – place a stylish and colorful table throw that has your branding or graphics printed directly on it to maximize your marketing potential and give the client a memorable experience.
  • Not Enough Graphic Representation of Your Brand
    • You do not go to a trade show to fly under the radar or be forgettable – you go to make an impression and grow your customer-base. When you order custom trade show displays, there are a multitude of options for branding.  You can print your brand graphics on everything from banner stands to table throws to hanging banners or flags.  By branding every element of your display with your graphics, you create a branded environment that potential customers will not soon forget.


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