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Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Display with These 4 Accessories


You have spent time and money on your business’ branding, products, and marketing materials.  You have invested time and money into creating a dynamic and interesting trade show display.  You have traveled and set up and are just waiting for clients to visit your trade show display so that you can tell them more about your business, services and/or products.  But, how do you stand out from the crowd and drive traffic to your display?  At some events and trade shows it can feel like you are lost in a sea of competitors.  And, even if you know there are peers or potential clients there to see you, how do they know where you are or how to find you?  When attending a trade show, it is important to remember to invest not only in your display, but in accessories that can drive traffic to your display, thereby maximizing your trade show attendance.


  1. Lobby Display
    • A lobby display, such as the Observe Pro, is a lightweight display option that can be placed anywhere. Display your graphics, or placed directional information on your sign to help guide people to your trade show display.
  2. Valet Outdoor Sign
    • A valet outdoor sign, aka sandwich board display or sidewalk sign, is a great portable display for any business or trade show. It can be placed on any sidewalk or walkway and is sure to grab the attention of passersby.  One of the primary advantages of the valet outdoor sign is that it can be seen by those walking in multiple directions so, whether coming or going, individuals will see your graphics and know where your trade show display is.
  3. Flag or Flying Banner
    • A flag or flying banner is a versatile indoor/outdoor display option. Because of their height, they can be seen from a distance and will help signal to people where your trade show display is.  They help you stand out from the crowd while displaying your beautiful, full-color graphics.
  4. Podium or Kiosk
    • Place a podium or kiosk in a lobby or entryway, or on a sidewalk with a person to help direct traffic to your trade show display. Not only does it add a personal touch, but it can be customized with your branding and graphics, giving the customer the best possible first impression of your business.

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