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Enhancing Your Briefcase Display with a Header


Briefcase displays are a dynamic way to bring your branding and marketing message with you wherever you go.  Incredibly lightweight, the versatile displays are easy to transport, durable and beautiful.  They come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any business’ needs and seamlessly enhance a brand graphics.  Briefcase displays have a hard exterior case and three interior panels with Velcro®-compatible tempo fabric to which you can attach your business’ graphics for display.  While they come in a variety of sizes (for example: some 24’’ W x 18’’ H, some 24’’ W x 32’’ H), some customers want the ability to customize their display, add more to the graphic marketing area, or just add visual interest.  At Best Displays Online, we carry a selection of headers designed specifically to be added to briefcase display.  Our briefcase display headers attach easily and quickly to briefcase displays so that you can make the most out of your display at a trade show, exhibit or event.

Briefcase display headers perfectly accent your briefcase display, seamlessly blending with the style and enhancing the beauty of the graphics.  We carry three standard shapes: arched, angled and rectangular headers that are designed with the intention of adding them to our briefcase displays so you know they will look effortless and elegant.  We carry a 24’’ header series that is designed to attach to the X18, X24, and X32 briefcase displays and is 22.5’’ wide by 6’’ high.  The 32’’ header series is for the XP and XX briefcase displays and is 30.5’’ wide by 8’’ high.  The header graphics are printed using the highest UV printing technology available on the market to ensure it looks great with your graphics.  Use the added space to extend your graphics further, add a logo or business name, display a business slogan or anything else you can think of.  In addition to our three standard shapes, we are happy to accommodate customers who need a custom cut header.  At Best Displays Online, we take great pride in our selection of briefcase displays and headers and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.  We want to help you realize your creative visions and bring them to life with dynamic graphic displays that will attract customers and make them want to learn more about your business.


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