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Fastrak Event Packages Make Trade Shows a Breeze


At Best Displays Online, we carry a vast selection of trade show displays that range from basic and entry-level stylish displays to immersive branded environments.  We carry such a vast array of options to accommodate any price point, style and marketing goals.  Some of our displays set up in minutes and some take a bit longer but for the customer interested in a quick to set up display that is stylish, we carry a selection of Fastrak Event Packages.

There are many different kinds of Fastrak Event Packages available in a selection of styles and price points.  Exhibiting at a tradeshow effectively is no easy task.  You are in a sea of competitors that all have graphics and displays designed to attract clients. You may only have a moment to grab their attention, make a lasting impression, and draw them in to learn more about your brand or product.  When you look through our sizeable selection of products you may realize that there are virtually infinite choices for how to style your trade show display.  You can keep it simple with a retractable banner stand, table, and table throw.  Or, you can add tabletop displays, literature racks, media consoles, monitors, and more to create an environment that will make the trade show floor noise seemingly disappear. Our event packages make it easy for you to determine what you need without having to wade through hundreds of products.  Our event packages combine back walls, counters, banner stands, literature racks, graphics and lighting, all customized to your business’ needs.

These state-of-the-art displays use the highest quality products and extremely durable construction.  They seamlessly incorporate technology and style, integrating iPad/tablet kiosks, monitors, tabletops, pockets for brochures, Truss podiums, literature racks and more in one elegant and exciting trade show display.  Not only are Fastrak Event Displays outstanding but they are easy to set up.  The tension fabric backdrop sets up in five minutes or less.  Additionally, our display comes with all needed carrying cases or shipping crates to make travel easy.We know that it can be hard to determine what you need for a trade show, especially if it is your first time exhibiting.  Our Fastrak Event Displays take the guesswork out of it and show you what a completed display can look like so that you can customize it with you graphics and have all the display components arrive easily and quickly.

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