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Importance of Creating a Branded Environment at Trade Shows


Trade shows are thrilling for attendees because a trade show floor is packed with row after row of products or businesses in which they are interested.  But for businesses that are displaying at a trade show, standing out from a sea of competitors can be challenging.  A gimmick or freebie will only get someone to your booth for a moment but if you create a branded environment in which they want to immerse themselves they will want to stay and you will have the opportunity to market to them.

The size of your trade show booth does not matter, you can create an immerse brand experience in a small booth or a large booth – it all hinges on the trade show displays you invest in.  Trade Show News Network notes that if your desire is to create a branded environment, you must invest in quality trade show displays, “Don’t squander this potentially very valuable opportunity to meet new customers, gather leads and drive brand awareness with poor planning. Pulled off with flying colors, trade shows are an incredible opportunity to introduce relevant audiences to your product…If your call-to-action is brand awareness, then exhibit design and displays have an added importance of enticing people to come into your company’s space so that they can learn about it in a fully branded environment.”

Best Displays Online has an expansive selection of trade show displays and accessories to ensure that you can create the branded environment that your customer wants to experience and may need to close the deal.  A branded environment is more than a display wall and a table, it is a multi-dimension experience in which customers have the opportunity to interact with you, with technology, with products and more to familiarize themselves with who your company is and/or what your product is.  Attention to detail is key – know your brand and know your customer.  Depending on what your business is and who your customer is, this may mean investing in a variety of trade show display options including banner stands, outdoor banner stands, banner walls, tabletop displays, briefcase displays, table throws, literature racks, flooring, lighting, chairs, media stations, monitors and kiosks, hanging signs, indoor/outdoor flags, and more!  Think of your trade show display as a small showroom – what kind of experience would you want your customer to have if they walked into your business or storefront?  That is the experience you want them to have at a trade show.  With a branded environment of high quality trade show displays you will help your customer drown out the “noise” of a trade show and focus on your brand and product so that you can generate profitable leads.

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