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An Introduction to Xpressions Fabric Tension Trade Show Displays


At Best Displays Online, we offer our customers a selection of high quality trade show displays and we prefer to work with the best brands in the industry.  Xpressions Fabric Tensions Displays are some of the best trade show displays on the market and have become incredibly popular for good reason – they are effective and efficient.  Xpressions uses the ultimate in frame-graphic technology. The displays enable exhibitors to create a stunning 3-dimensions display that is sure to draw people in and make them say ‘wow.’

With Xpressions fabric tension displays, the possibilities are literally endless.  Not only are there thirteen standard frames, they also are available in unlimited custom sizes and styles to suit whatever your needs might be.  Further, they have three planes for integrated graphics and infinite configurations so that you can always keep your display fresh and interesting.  One thing our customers really love about Xpressionsfabric tension displays is that they are able to be shipped with the fabric skins fully attached to the frame.  This makes display setup a breeze!  The frames are exceptionally lightweight and easily portable so traveling with them is not laborious.  In fact, Xpressions frames require NO tools or additional event labor for setup.  All you have to do is grasp the right and left side of the frame with both hands and gently lift upward to set up your display.  There are strong magnetic connectors that “snap” to lock the frame automatically into place within seconds.

An additional added benefit of investing in Xpressions fabric tension displays is that they are scalable.  You can start as small as needed for your trade show display and always integrate additional components to scale your display up when the needs arise or budget is available.  Additionally, because you can easily scale up or down, should you only need a few components for a small display, you can simply use only the components you need.  It really is the ultimate flexible trade show display.  Xpressions fabric tension displays use dye sublimated printing methods to ensure vibrant colors and pristine graphics. Further, the fabric panels are machine washable which makes keeping your display clean and looking its best easy.  When you want to invest in a trade show display that is attractive, scalable, and easy to set up, Xpressions fabric tension displays are the way to go!

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