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Make Trade Show Travel Easy with a Briefcase Display


While there may be an opportunity to attend a trade show, exhibit or event that is local to you, more often than not, you will be attending one of those in another city, state or even country.  Traveling with your luggage, display materials, marketing materials and anything else you might need is more than just a handful!  The more streamlined and simple you can make it, without sacrificing marketing and display quality – the better.  The solution to easy travel when exhibiting is the briefcase display.

It is the briefcase display’s very nature to fold up compactly – into a self-contained case – which makes it easy to transport.  There are many styles and sizes of briefcase displays but, generally, briefcase displays are lightweight and durable.  They usually weigh between 5-10 pounds and their exterior case is constructed of a rigid ABS thermos-formed plastic.  Additionally, briefcase displays are designed to meet all airline size restrictions.  As many people know, when traveling it is easy to damage luggage or other things you are bringing with you but briefcase displays, when closed for easy transport, durably protect their inner contents.  Inside briefcase displays are three interior panels of Velcro®-compatible tempo fabric to which you can easily attach your marketing graphics.  It is easy to interchange and customize graphics as needed so it continues to be a wise investment that can be used time and time again.

When you are ready to travel to an event, attach the graphics you want to display, close your briefcase display, and be on your way!  Once you arrive, simply open it up and begin using your display!  It really does set up in a matter of minutes, making traveling to trade shows a breeze!  Once you are done displaying, simply close your briefcase display, leaving the graphics attached, and take your briefcase display with you.  Briefcase displays allow you to exhibit easily and with reduced set up and tear down time it allows you to focus on what you are there to do – make important business connections and market to customers.  Additionally, if you want to enhance your briefcase display or create a more dynamic look, you can attach a header to the top that can display your logo, business name or anything else you might want.  It will add height and visual interest that will help attract the attention of customers or peers as they pass your display.  If you are ready to make traveling to trade shows, events or exhibits easier, do so with a Best Displays Online Briefcase Display.

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