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The Many Advantages of Briefcase Displays

cases_full_sizes_nowordsIn the world of trade show displays, there are quite a few options from which to choose.  Briefcase displays are an economical and exceptionally effective trade show display that has become quite popular.  When traveling to an event or trade show, we know that display materials can traditionally be quite cumbersome, but, at Best Displays Online, we are proud to carry a selection of display options that make it easy to take your business’ brand and message with you.  Briefcase displays provide the perfect combination of ease of transport and supreme marketing technique for customers.  Briefcase displays are lightweight, yet their exterior case is quite durable which is ideal for travel.  The basic structure collapses down until it looks like a basic briefcase, easy to carry and protected.  Once you are ready to showcase your marketing message, you open up the display to show three interior panels that are completely customize-able and interchangeable.

When traveling to an event or trade show, nobody wants to lug around a heavy, bulky, frustrating display.  Fortunately, briefcase displays provide their unique versatility in a lightweight (5-10lbs) package.  With a briefcase display, you can share any marketing message, graphic or promotion you want to with your customers with ease and style.  While they are capable of collapsing for easy transport, they do not sacrifice in impact or style.  Far from it!  The interior panels (which will be displayed) are elegantly designed and set up your graphics perfectly to be eye-catching and profound in impact.  Should your marketing message change, it is simple to interchange your graphics or completely change out the design while still continuing to use the same briefcase display frame.  This level of versatility ensures that you get years of use from your briefcase display.

Further, when a briefcase display is fully collapsed for transport, it meets all airline size restrictions so you never have to worry about traveling with it – it is easy!   Briefcase displays are durable so you will never have to worry about your graphics being safe during transport.  Briefcase displays are constructed from rigid ABS thermos-formed plastic and the interior panels are covered in durable, Velcro®-compatible tempo fabric.  These quality materials are designed to last for years and years.  At Best Displays Online, we always keep our customers our #1 priority which is why we only use the best materials and we only design the most effective displays. With briefcase displays, marketing your brand has never been so affordable, simple, or effective!



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