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Stand Out From the Crowd with Trade Show Display Lighting


When you have invested time and money designing the perfect trade show display, it is important to make sure it gets seen!  Believe it or not, proper trade show display lighting can make or break an exhibit.  Many people do not realize that event lighting is extremely important and so it often goes overlooked.  If your booth is too dark or too harshly lit, nobody will want to come in.  One huge flood light is not the way to go.  But, with the perfect combination of subtle lighting and other task lighting, you can highlight the focal points of your display and draw in trade show attendees.

One of the most important things to properly light at a trade show is your logo or brand name.  If you have a large hanging banner in your booth that displays your logo or brand name, it must be properly lit.  You can integrate spotlights or LED light strips to draw attention to your custom branding which will help the customer remember who you are.  With strategically placed lighting, the light can subconsciously lead customers around your display, drawing them to each new area with interest and intrigue.

But, don’t just light your brand, integrate lighting to spotlight products and on countertops so that people can see what they are doing and notice your products.  To create a truly immersive branded environment, it is important to also add ambient lighting in a seating area – even if it is just over one stool in your display.  You can create a branded environment in any size display with the proper components and one very important component is lighting.  Also, don’t forget uplights.  Strategically placed uplights can add unique dimension and visual interest to your display.  Lighting is often what takes a trade show display from good to great.  At Best Displays Online, we carry a wide selection of lighting options to perfectly enhance your trade show display.  Our lighting is designed to easily attach to trade show displays, making set up easy and efficient.  Additionally, our lighting options can properly light any size or style display and create the mood that you want your display to exude. When lighting is done right, it adds a feeling of permanence and polish to your display.  And, when you are at an event with hundreds or thousands of competitors, you want your display to be great.

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