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Trade Shows Provide a Unique Opportunity to Interact with Customers

Bled Fest 2013. Photo courtesy of Amber Stokosa Photography

Anyone can sell a product online with a well-designed website, some good pictures, and a shopping cart.  And, while this is an important part of any industry today, it is not exactly the most personal way to sell your business and your products to customers.  You never really get to know the customer and they never really get to know any more about your business than a few paragraphs of text on your website.  That is why exhibiting at trade shows is an important tool for many industries – it allows you to get right in front of peers and potential customers and truly interact.

There are many ways for a customer to interact with your business and your brand within your trade show display.  First, the type of trade show display you select – the quality, the size, the colors, the graphics – they will all impact your customers first interaction and experience with your business.  So, you want to make it a good first impression!  Select high quality banner stands, banner walls, fabric tension displays, counters and kiosks, and an assortment of accessories to help make your display the immersive branded environment that will wow customers.

Many businesses forget the importance of interactive media within their displays, particularly if their brand or product is not technology-based.  But, literally any business can add value to their trade show display, and enhance the level of interaction customers experience with interactive media.  Implement tablet stands or tablet inserts within tabletops.  It is a great way to quickly take in customer information or allow them to interact with your brand or product independently.  This can be particularly helpful if you have multiple customers in your display at the same time.  Rather than having customers stand there waiting to speak to you, wondering about your product or worse, walking away, allow them to independently interact with your business and product with interactive media.  iPad and tablet kiosks safely and securely hold your iPad or tablet in a locked, protective case.  And, iPads and tablets are displayed at an ideal, comfortable height for interaction.  Regardless of your industry or business, customers will be impressed with your implementation of interactive media and it simply provides another layer of interaction that they will experience with your business when they visit your display.  Interacting with your customers at a trade show is an incredibly valuable and personalized way to exhibit your business to customers.

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