Table Top Fabric Tension Displays

While a big, elaborate trade show display may be eye-catching, a table top display should never be underestimated. In fact, in many cases, a table top fabric display may be all you need to make a lasting impact on clients and attract new customers. Table top displays are compact fabric displays that, rather than standing on the ground, are set atop a table and can stand alone or be paired with a solid or custom printed tablecloth to create the ultimate display.

Table top fabric displays take up very little room but maximize what space they do use. When you are on the go and traveling to a lot of trade shows or exhibits, a table top display makes travel easy and set up time minimal. Pop up table top fabric displays are made from lightweight, durable aluminum and they literally pop up and fabric is then attached so that you are ready to go. Table top fabric displays come with a hard shipping case that helps make travel easy and protects your investment. A table top fabric display may be smaller than a full size display but it makes a large and lasting impact on all who see it. When it’s time to update your message, simply order Replacement Graphics.