Xpressions Fabric Tension Displays

Xpressions fabric displays are unique and interesting displays that can be completely scaled to meet any customer's needs. Xpressions fabric displays snap together so your display can be as small or large as you would like and you can change the size as needed for events. Xpressions fabric displays are assembled with 3D tension fabric to make your graphics stand out and grab everyone's attention. Additionally, the easy to change fabric panels are machine washable so you know your display will always look its best.

Xpressions fabric displays utilize dye sublimated printing methods for vibrant colors and pristine graphics and the fabric panels are interchangeable so you can customize your display whenever you want. Xpressions fabric displays are very popular because of their versatility and ability to be customized. Strong magnetic connectors quickly snap together for assembly and fabric is attached. For teardown you simply grasp the frame and press in a downward motion and the display will collapse. This durable display is lightweight and ideal for travel, making it simple for you to display your unique graphics and attract customers to your interesting display. When it’s time to update your message, simply order Replacement Graphics.